Organic Ingredients

We only use organic ingredients in our candles. The traditional candle industry is notorious for using non-safe ingredients that have been clinically proven to be bad for your health as well as the environment.

We wanted to do things differently at Thomas Brothers.

From our unique soy & coconut wax blend, to our custom fragrances, to our pure cotton wicks, every single ingredient was intentionally selected to be the highest quality and organic.

Because of this, our candles burn cleaner than any other type of candle on the market, will last longer, and we're confident that they smell better.

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Unique Soy & Coconut Wax Blend

We've spent countless hours of research & testing to land on our unique blend of soy & coconut wax - here's why below.

Soy wax is a significantly healthier, all-natural alternative to most types of waxes on the candle market. However, it still has it's limitations for candles. By itself, it tends to burn quickly, burn hotter, & throw scent ineffectively.

Coconut wax is also an all-natural wax & offers really unique benefits for candles that soy & other waxes don't offer. It has superior scent throw & burns slower than most waxes.

We decided to combine these two super waxes to get the best of both worlds & create the best wax-base possible for our candles.

Together, our unique soy-coconut wax combo makes our candles one of the longest-lasting, cleanest-burning, and best smelling candles on the market.

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Actively Support Various Non-Profits Across the World

Not only are we passionate about making the highest quality, best smelling candles possible, but we're also passionate about making a genuine difference in the world.

We believe for-profit businesses have a unique opportunity to make a profound impact by simply donating a small percentage of their profits towards the flourshing of mankind and the betterment of the world. Convinced that this is the best way to do business, we gladly dedicate ten percent of our profits to various non profits every month.

When you buy a candle from us, not only are you getting your next all-time favorite candle, but you get to join a greater cause and force for good in the world.

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