Candle Care + Tips

Your First Burn

The first time you burn your candle is very important. You want to make sure the melted pool of wax fills the entire top layer before you extinguish the flame. If you don't do this, you will begin to tunnel your candle and that's a big no no in the candle world.

What's tunneling you ask? It's when only a small portion of wax around the wick melts instead of the entire top layer. If this is done repeatedly, your candle will begin to tunnel down around the wick, and you'll burn through your candle faster than it's supposed to be burned.

More on how to prevent and stop tunneling below!

Subsequent Burns

For all of your following burns, continue to let the melted wax fill the entire top layer before extinguishing the flame. This will prevent your candle from tunneling and will allow you to maximally enjoy your candle until the last flicker.

Also, for safety reasons, please make sure to not exceed 3 hours of burn time at a time!

Trimming your Wicks

It's very important to trim your wick to about 1/4" before each burn. If you leave your wick untrimmed and/or longer than 1/4", your candle will burn hotter than normal, causing it to burn through faster, leaving you with less time to enjoy your candle, and that would be a huge bummer.

Prevent Tunneling

As we mentioned before, tunneling is when only a small portion of wax around the wick melts instead of the entire top layer. To prevent this from happening, you only have to do 2 things:

1) always trim & keep your wick to 1/4"

2) each time your burn your candle, commit to letting it burn to the point where melted wax fills the entire top layer. For our candles, that should be right around an hour.

If you do these 2 things everytime, you won't have to fight the tunnel monster in your candle.

Turn Your Candle into a Cocktail Glass

All of our 11 oz candles are hand poured into matte black glasses. Here's how you can turn them from candle into your next favorite cocktail glass:

  • Place your candle in the freezer overnight.
  • Run hot tap water over the wax to loosen it.
  • Remove the wax with a wooden or plastic utensil.
  • Remove the wick tab from the base of the glass, if it didn't already come out with the wax. If you're having trouble removing the wick tab, try filling the glass with warm water, letting it soak, and then try removing it.
  • Clean out the glass with soap & water.
  • Remove the label and sticker on the bottom (use peanut butter or rubbing alcohol if sticker residue is hard to get off!)
  • Craft your drink of choice and enjoy!