College Dreamin'

It all starts in College Station, TX in the Fall of 2016. We (Gavin & Chase) are best friends & students at Texas A&M University, and realized we both had big dreams to be business owners and create companies & products that actually make a difference in this world.

On the way home to Texas from a camping trip in Arkansas, we were talking about our love for candles and how we wished there were more candles that existed with clean & modern branding, very high quality & organic ingredients, and with more masculine fragrances. In the midst of dreaming up our ideal candle, we both realized that this was the company we wanted to build.

A candle company that uses only the highest quality ingredients from organic sources to craft the best smelling candles possible, all with a super sleek, modern design and masculine fragrances that both men and women would love.

More than just the best candles

But we wanted to do more than just create the coolest looking, best smelling candles on the market - we wanted our business to make a real, genuine impact in the world.

We both believe business shouldn't just be about profit and we have a unique perspective on capitalism. We know that capitalism can get a bad rep (and we get it). However, we believe the freedom, power, and opportunity that capitalism can grant, with a twist of generosity, can be a really powerful source for good in the world.

We believe for-profit businesses have a unique opportunity to make a profound impact by simply donating a small percentage of their profits towards the flourishing of mankind and the betterment of the world. Convinced that this is the best way to do business, we gladly dedicate ten percent of our profits to various non-profits every month.

When you buy a candle from us, not only are you getting your next all-time favorite candle, but you get to join a greater cause and force for good in the world. 🌎

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