3 Pro Tips To Take Care of Your Candles

3 Pro Tips To Take Care of Your Candles

There’s a right way to take care of your candles and there’s definitely a wrong way to take care of your candles. We’re going to help you make sure you’re taking care of your candles properly so you can maximize each and every moment with them. 😊

Pro-Tip 1 | Burn your candles long enough to allow the wax to fill the entire top layer of your candle - every time!

This one is super important and will make sure you maximize every drop of wax in your candle. Each time you burn your candle, you want to make sure that you burn it long enough so that the pool of wax melts evenly across the entire top layer. If you don’t do this, your candle will start to tunnel. Tunneling will cause your candle to burn hotter and more inefficiently, which means it will burn through faster and not smell as great. That’s no bueno.

Pro-Tip 2 | Trim your wick to about ¼” after each use

We see this mistake made pretty frequently with candle owners. Leaving your wick untrimmed and longer than ¼” results in your candle burning hotter, faster, and creating a fire hazard. We obviously don’t want that.

We recommend trimming your wick after each use to ¼” to make sure your candle doesn’t burn too hot and will prevent any fire hazards. We want to make sure you enjoy your candle properly, while also not burning your house down. Because that would be really bad.

Pro-Tip 3 | Keep your candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

We want to make sure that you maximize the enjoyment of your candle and leaving your candles in a hot, wet, or direct sunlight environment will degrade the quality of your candle. The heat and light from prolonged direct sunlight will start to mess with the wax-fragrance pair in your candle and disrupt its ability to throw scent into your environment. Keeping it in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight will preserve the quality of your candle and ensure it smells great every time you use it in the future.

At Thomas Brothers, we strive to craft the highest quality candles possible and we think we might have just done that. We hand-pour all of our candles with 100% organic soy & coconut wax and fragrances sourced from the highest quality suppliers. We’re pretty dang confident that you’ll love our candles just as much as we do! 😄

Gavin | Co-Founder @ Thomas Brothers Candle Co.

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